As Halloween approaches , I was thinking about books I’ve read that gave me the creeps yet had more to offer than just said creepiness. I immediately thought of this trilogy by Stephen King which you might automatically think of as horror because ..well …it’s Stephen King but you’d be wrong on that note. This series, starting with Mr Mercedes, is part mystery, part thriller and part horror in the sense that King introduces us to Brady Hartfield who does some pretty horrible things and has some pretty horrible thoughts circulating in his psychopathic head!

With an interesting and colorful cast of characters, my favorite being detective Bill Hodges, King takes you on a wild ride with each book, building to a bittersweet finale with End of Watch. I would highly recommend reading this series in order so you can follow the story from the catastrophic beginning when we first get introduced to nutty Brady to the much anticipated finale in End of Watch. If you love mysteries and/or thrillers with supremely developed characters, you’ll love this trilogy.

Mr Mercedes:  5/5 Stars

Finders Keepers: 4/5 Stars

End of Watch : 4/5 Stars

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    1. Yes read Mr Mercedes first for sure! Since you, like me, like mental health (like psychopathy) as it relates to crime I think you’ll like these. And Stephen King is such a fantastic writer as well.

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    1. Oh, bummer you weren’t that into the first one. In my opinion that one was the best but I really liked the characters and I psychopathic nuts like Brady…I know it’s twisted:) Finders Keepers takes a different turn storyline wise but keeps Bill Hodges as a main character so you might like that one. End of Watch was my least favorite of the 3

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