I was tagged by Debby at for this Goodreads tag. If you haven’t visited Debby’s blog, be sure to check it out. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve “met” since I started blogging,  plus she reviews a nice variety of books and does an awesome weekly post called New Friend Friday where she profiles other great blogs for us to follow. So let’s get started…

What is the last book you marked as READ?



I just finished this last night and WOW, I can’t believe this is a debut novel!! Review will be coming soon, but take note…this is a must read





What are you currently reading? 



I’ve been listening to this audiobook the last couple days and if you haven’t already heard me gushing on Twitter over the narrator Santino Fontana, let me share with you again my complete love for his narration of Joe and this completely addicting story. This is outstanding writing guys. Trust me when I say you have to listen to this audiobook! Or read it if you prefer:) I’ve already got Hidden Bodies (sequel) lined up and ready to go


What was the last book you marked as “To-Read?” 




I picked this up at the library yesterday based solely on that cover and title! Lucky for me the synopsis sounds great so it’s the newest addition to my TBR pile




Do you use star ratings?     Yes and while I sometimes struggle with a star rating here and there, overall I like using them

What book do you plan on reading next?  




I’m really looking forward to this book. This book releases December 27th and my review will be up when my stop for this blog tour arrives on December 28th!





Are you doing the 2016 Goodreads Challenge?   No, I’ve never done a challenge and don’t set reading goals for myself.

What book do you plan on buying next? 




I just realized when I was voting for the Goodreads favorite memoir of 2016 that I need to buy this 5 star read to add to my shelf at home. I read it in January and it’s such a fantastic, moving book.



Do you have a wish list?   My To-Read shelf at Goodreads is pretty much my wish list of books I want to read. I’m currently on the wish list at Netgalley for Her Every Fear so fingers crossed for that one and for Sophie Kinsella’s upcoming new one My Not So Perfect Life

What is your favorite quote?


Who are your favorite authors?

I really enjoy a lot of authors but I’ll pick a few I’d put at the very top…Sharon Bolton, Dennis Lehane, Sophie Kinsella (her standalones), Lisa Jewell, Beatriz Williams, Lisa Gardner, David Nicholls, Stephen King, Emily Giffin

Have you joined any groups?   Just the Mystery and Thriller group at Goodreads but I haven’t participated too much

I tag…Sam at  and Wendy at

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19 thoughts on “THE GOODREADS BOOK TAG

    1. If you get a chance to read it, it’s so good. Sad but fascinating to read about his journey to becoming a neurosurgeon and his take on mortality. His writing was excellent. Have many tissues nearby though

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  1. I love your favorite reading quote. One of mine is from Thomas Jefferson: “I cannot live without books.” 🙂 I recently saw a review of a Dennis Lehane book and came across one of his novels yesterday in a bargain bin…I considered getting it but I already had picked up two others, was contemplating a third, and wasn’t sure I should spend all my money the first night of vacation on four bargain books (but I was tempted!).

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    1. Thanks! And I would agree with your favorite quote:) If you get a chance to read Dennis Lehane his books are so worth it. He writes in a very literary way but his characters are multi-dimensional and the storylines are unpredictable. My favorites of his so far are Mystic River, Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone, and Live By Night/World Gone By. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Happy Vacationing!

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    1. You’re welcome! Yes, it was really good! I kept trying to figure out how I missed figuring out that ending!! He really had me fooled. And Manny and French John were such great characters

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    1. It’s awesome! I have Sam to thank for encouraging me to try it:) If you have any opportunity to get your hands on the audio I’m telling you it’s the best audiobook and narrator (Santino Fontana) I’ve EVER listened to. I can’t get Joe and all his craziness out of my head!!

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      1. I totally agree; it kind of showed in the second part that his writing became a bit rushed since he was running out of time… His writing had a lot of potential.

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  2. Tall Oaks sounds great.You and Hidden Bodies are brilliant.They are books that actually made me kinda like the bad guy.Joe reminds me of Dexter,the serial killer who kills serial killers.I am yet to listen to my first audio book but your posts always make me want to try out one.Great tag.

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    1. I’ve got Hidden Bodies up next on audio. I know what you mean, I really like Joe which is wrong on so many levels:) Her writing is truly outstanding , I’m mad at myself for passing YOU by for so long. I’ve read a few of the Dexters and liked him to.

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    1. I really enjoyed Tall Oaks, I didn’t have that ending figured out!! I thought I did but was wrong:) I just finished YOU last night and loved it. Starting Hidden Bodies later today, since you said that I hope I’m not disappointed

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