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I had an interesting reading week last week, finishing 3 books…one that was ok, one I didn’t like at all and one that I enjoyed so much I REALLY needed at least 50 more pages from the author! All in all, I’m feeling much more positive about all my upcoming reads as I’ve gotten some potentially great upcoming netgalley reads along with a phenomenol library haul this past week. On the movie front, we saw Girl’s Trip which I absolutely loved and even my husband, who resisted my movie choice, said he liked it!



The Wife, The Maid and The Mistress was my Throwback Thursday pick last week and although it was an interesting story and I liked the characters, it overall didn’t blow me away.

Fierce Kingdom was a spur of the moment pick based on some super positive reviews and my curiosity about a thriller set in a zoo. There were several pivotal plot occurrences that made this story SO unbelievable and were so distracting that I ended up completely disengaging from the story. This just didn’t work for me

Young Jane Young was the breath of fresh air that I desperately needed. I was really looking forward to this one after loving The Storied Life of AJ Fikrey so much and while I don’t think it’s quite as good or as moving as that one, this was still a really great story. In fact, If I could beg the author for at least 50 more pages I would!



I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for approval for this book, so when I finally got it on Edelweiss Friday I was so happy. I requested it based on the fact that I read 1 comment on Goodreads that compared it to A Little Life and I just had to have it. Twenty or so pages in, I wasn’t prepared for the darkness of the story and the detailed child sexual abuse that occurs and felt that I don’t want to continue with it at this time. I may revisit this one.



Yesterday is one of my top library picks this week and has such an original murder mystery premise that I’m so interested to see how it plays out

Tennison is a recent purchase that I knew I just had to buy after my friend Annie’s awesome review . This seems like a really compelling mystery story and it’s the first book in the series which I think only has 3 books as of now. Plenty of time to catch up on this one!

How was your reading week? Have you tried or want to try any of these?    




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  1. I finished two books this week, but started one in July and one took me two days which is rare for me. The books were Simon lelic – the house and Kerry Wilkinson – Vigilante. I’m now reading Helen croydon – Sugar daddy diaries and Alice Feeway – Sometimes I lie.

    I have yesterday on my tbr but it started strange so I’ve put it to one side for now so ill be interested in your thoughts.

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  2. My Absolute Darling sounds good from the blurb and I like the cover.Sad to hear that it got so dark though.I hope that your second experience will be different.Enjoy your books this week.

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    1. Thanks Diana, I think I just wasn’t in the mood for the heavy darkness at this time. Usually authors don’t throw sexual abuse at readers in the first 20 pages. I’m sure I’ll revisit it at some point. Hope you have a great week!!


  3. Lots of thoughts today!
    1) I’ve been toying with trying Fierce Kingdom, but unbelievable plot points in thrillers drive me crazy, so maybe I won’t.
    2) I’m halfway through Young Jane Young and I agree…not as amazing as Fikry, but am definitely loving it and it’s hitting the spot right now! I read the entire first half in 1 day (yesterday).
    3) I’ve got My Absolutely Darling coming up too…we’ll see how it goes. Not great timing for something super heavy (we’re moving next week), but we’ll see.
    And – sad you didn’t love Wife, Maid, Mistress…I loved it when it came out, but I wonder how I’d feel about it now. I did not like her follow-up, Flight of Dreams, and I wonder if my taste maybe could have evolved past her writing style.
    Have a great week!

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    1. I have a strong feeling you’d have a huge problem with the gaping plot holes and unbelievability in Fierce Kingdom. But I almost just want you to read it so we can talk about them!! I keep thinking about why the author would have wrote those and I need to discuss it with someone:)
      I really really want to chat with you about Young Jane Young when you’re done so please DM me! I have so many thoughts and want to see if you feel the same after you’ve finished


  4. Lots to talk about here. First, I’m absolutely loving Young Jane Young. I’m at about 40% and can’t wait to get back to it. (Unfortunately, I have a super busy day, so that probably won’t be until this evening.)

    Next, I’ve been very curious about Fierce Kingdom, so I’m glad you vetted it for me. I’ll definitely skip it.

    I’m dying to hear your thoughts on Yesterday. I have completely wavered on that one. Was planning on reading it, but after seeing a couple of so-so reviews, I backed off.

    Finally, My Absolute Darling. I was denied this book and have been so bummed out about it. This is one of the books I’ve most been looking forward to, so hearing that you didn’t like it really has me wondering about all the hype.

    I’ll message you when I finish YJY.

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    1. About My Absolute Darling, I’ll admit I haven’t read more than 25 pages before putting it down and the reason isn’t necessarily that it’s bad at all but I need time to connect with characters before the author throws something like child sexual abuse at me and I didn’t get the chance to do so with this book. In fact, I had a bad feeling about both characters from the get go and 1 was a kid so that’s never good for me. I’m sure others will feel differently and I may give it 1 more try

      I’m glad I could vette Fierce Kingdom for you:) Although as I told Sarah I really want to chat with others about the unbelievable plot happenings…so if your curiosity gets you like it did me, I’d love to hear what you think!

      Yes we need to discuss Young Jane…I’m dying to share my thoughts and see if you feel the same!!


  5. Sorry some of them didn’t work out for you! I’m so glad you enjoyed Young Jane Young! I read that last week and it was fun and refreshing! I really enjoyed the POVs from all the women, and I loved Ruby! This is likely the first book I will review when I return from to my blog in Sept, right before it’s published! And I agree, I could have happily read more pages 😊

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    1. I really enjoyed Rachel and Jane’s POV and I even liked Esmeth..although El Mete🤔not sure what that was about:) I just really need more from the author but I do love her writing style, it’s very readable. Looking forward to your review when you return!


      1. I wasn’t sure about El Mete either and felt he could have been left out. It was odd. I wanted more from the ending definitely! Thanks!! I’m going to write it soon or I’ll forget by Sept, lol!

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  6. I’ve heard great things about The Wife, The Maid and The Mistress, but haven’t tried it yet. I finished two books in the last week, and I’m glad to say I liked both of them 🙂

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