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I was making pretty good progress on my end of summer reading until the end of last week when life outside of blogging became very hectic. I continue to have quite a bit going on so things on the blog and social media may slow down over the next couple weeks. I’m hoping to at least keep up by doing some mini-reviews of these books as well as Throwback Thursday. I have high hopes I can get my reading back on track this week as well.



Camino Island is my book club’s Sept pick and while I really loved the Florida setting and the heist theme with books as a backdrop, I thought there was quite a bit of fluff and filler in the story.

Castle of Water was a book I was seeing REPEATEDLY raved about on #bookstagram so of course I had to try it and what a fabulous story it ended up being. At under 300 pages I flew through this in one sitting. Don’t pass this by…review coming soon!

Lie to Me almost didn’t even make it onto my radar due to it being a psychological thriller which would’ve been a HUGE mistake on my part. This was one fun, twisty puzzle that I half listened to and half read. The audio narrator is fantastic so if you decide to listen to this one I think you’ll be happy. Yes, it’s being compared to Gone Girl and while very similar in tone I enjoyed this one more! Review coming soon




The Mothers I know this book was very popular last year but I was never inclined to pick it up until the other day when I heard it talked about on the podcast Recommended. I’m about 30% into it and I love the narrator and the story so far.



Lightning Men I’m hoping to start this one today as it releases tomorrow! Early reviews are saying this is amazing so I can’t wait to jump in!

What’s on your reading agendas for this week? I hope everyone has a great reading week!



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  1. Hi Renee! I’m probably 65% thru Rules of Civility. Halfway thru I was feeling frustrated with the uncertainty of the direction it was taking so I started skimming ahead to decide if I wanted to keep investing. So far, I’m glad I did! I’ll let you know how I feel though when I’m done.

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  2. Love that cover on Castle of Water. Thanks alone makes me want to read it.
    Here’s hoping that life slows down for you and me both over the next couple of weeks!

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  3. I just saw that Amy @NovelGossip read Lie to Me last week as well was saying that it is going to be one of her favorite reads of 2017! I hope you enjoy The Mothers! I actually got to see Brit Bennett earlier this year while she was promoting it, BUT I have yet to pick it up. Looking forward to your thoughts 🙂

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  4. I am almost done with My Absolute Darling and it makes my skin crawl!! It’s such a tough subject. My next book should be Bird Box. Right now, ALL I want to do is read but work and personal stuff gets in the way. I need a mini-vacation or something.


  5. Camino Island is so different from the usual Grisham books. Fluff and fillers sound unlike him but the theme intrigues me so I may check that one out. I will look out for your review of Castle of Water.

    This week I am reading The Surrogate by Louise Jensen and The Obsession by Nora Roberts.

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading.

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  6. So glad you’re loving The Mothers – it was one of my top 3 of 2016! And I’ve never heard of Castle in the Water…you have me curious. Must have missed it on Bookstagram.

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    1. Castle of Water was just awesome, I was in the mood for a love story and it delivered plus some twists as well. Hope you’ll check it out! I can’t wait to see what happens in The Mothers,I didn’t read any reviews so I’m in the dark which I love


      1. Very true! There hasn’t been a lot of publicity around this title and it’s truly a shame. I’m hoping to put it in the spotlight some time soon along with my other 5 star reads so far this year.

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