My regular Throwback Thursday will return next week but today I’d like to say Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating in the US. There are many things I’m thankful for but in the book world I’d like to really say thanks today to all the authors out there who’ve taken so much time, effort and creativity to create stories and worlds that I get to visit. I’ve traveled, literarily speaking, to so many wonderful places this year and laughed and cried over so many amazing characters who I’ll never forget and it’s all thanks to authors.  Life gets crazy sometimes and books are a refuge for so many of us and I’m so thankful for them.

Since this IS a book blog, with Thanksgiving thoughts and Throwback Thursday in mind I’d like to toss out 2 books that I’m thankful for that I read during trying times in my life and that I STILL think about today, years later…..


I have no words for how much I loved this book yet also found it to be the saddest story I’ve ever read. For the 5 days it took me to read it, I was consumed with these characters and their stories took me out of my own life which at the time was very stressful…parents of teenagers you know there are those times that try you in every way!   This story still haunts me and this is easily one of my top 5 books EVER!



I am seriously considering re-reading this book soon to see if it still holds up all these years later. I read this book about 7 years ago while on vacation in Mexico. Oh, not just any vacation mind you but one in which I was so sick with the Swine flu that I couldn’t leave the hotel bed to fly home. It was awful and I don’t think I’ve ever been that sick in my life but…while in bed coughing, coughing and more coughing I read this book and for a short time I forgot about being sick in another country. I loved the wittiness of the writing and the characters of Dex and Emma and to this day I still think about how the author shocked me in such an unexpected way that I loved him/hated him for quite awhile after I finished reading.





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  1. Wow, its amazing how books play such important roles in our lives like getting us through tough times or simply providing an escape for a while. I am yet to read A Little Life though I have the book on my shelf. Your comments about it have definitely gotten me curious enough to move the book up my TBR.

    Happy thanksgiving Renee. I hope that you enjoy the holiday. Thank you for being a friend.

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    1. Thank you Diana, I’m also so happy we’ve become friends in this great blogosphere! Can I beg you right now to please take A Little Life off your shelf and read it🙏:) Although I don’t want to be responsible if you hate it and/or it emotionally damages you as it did me…it’s that kind of book! Let me know if you decide to give it a try sometime


  2. I am so glad you’ve highlighted A Little Life. It is definitely one of my lifetime top 5 books, too. At times it was torturous to read. I had to take some breaks during reading because I was so involved with the characters and hurt with them. When I finished the book, I was so wrecked that I got in the shower (a weird thing I do when I’m super sad), and just cried and cried until there was no more hot water. Yet, I LOVED this book.

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    1. I didn’t even realize you’d read this Susie!! Yes, it was SOOO torturous to read in parts….I remember having to put it down and clean the house just to give myself a break. It was so heartbreaking and like you I ended up in the bathroom sobbing for over an hour…I had to get away from the family, they thought I was crazy haha. It’s just an incredible book and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Renee! I hope your holiday is lovely! I just bought A Little Life as an audiobook (almost 35 hrs to listen to!) since I keep hearing such wonderful things about it…and how it tears you to pieces. I’m looking forward to reading it when I find the time!

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      1. Thank you, Renee! I’m okay…it’s been a rough week. My 14 yr old dog passed away on Sat, so that’s this week very tough. It’s so different not having her around. And still trying to adjust to my lupus diagnosis and the new medications. They have not so lovely side effects, but I’m determined to survive this one stronger than I was before. It just is an adjustment. I’m not sure if I am ready for A Little Life right now emotionally! I don’t know if I can take it if it’s that emotionally intense in the place I’m in now…maybe in a couple of weeks. But I’m definitely looking forward to it!!!

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      2. I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I understand how hard it is to lose a beloved pet, they’re such a big part of the family. You’ve certainly been going through a lot, sending positive thoughts your way as you get through everything. I agree, hold off on A Little Life for awhile!!


      3. Thank you! They certainly are, much more than a lot of people realize! Thank you for the positive thoughts 😊 I definitely will wait a bit! I’m not sure I could handle it right now!

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