The holiday season is in full swing and while I still can’t believe it’s not summer…it seemed like just yesterday it was August…I’ve decided to get a jump on my shopping and as of now I’m almost done:) I actually went to the mall on Black Friday which I NEVER do and now I realize why…I’ve never seen so many people and such long lines there before!! In the end, I really only got amazing deals at 2 stores (Macy’s & Joseph A Banks in case you’re wondering) so I’m not sure it was worth the crowds. However, I stayed up super late last night shopping for cyber Monday, that’s why this post is so late, and the deals were incredible! Now I know why so many sizes are already sold out on Monday…deals started last night and things were selling out while I still had them in my cart. It was crazy but I stayed up and got SO many deals! What has all this meant for my reading lately? Well, I haven’t done too much but I’m planning on getting back on track this week




Although I hate this cover, I have a reading friend who’s been suggesting this book to me for SO long and I don’t know why I resisted reading it because it was great! It was an addicting read that I flew through in a couple days…look for a mini review soon.



It pains me to say that one of my most anticipated reads of 2018, The Hush, was a DNF for me after 70 pages. I absolutely loved The Last Child but this wasn’t similar in tone or plot and I found myself bored.  I’ve loved several of John Hart’s books and always thought his writing was outstanding but in this one I felt the language was too flowery at times and for me it felt bogged down in descriptive setting details. Also, there’s a supernatural element to this story that I wasn’t expecting and it didn’t work for me at all. Well, I tried to jump onto the Louise Penny train and I gave it until 40% but ultimately I realized I didn’t care about the murder mystery and the pace was way too slow for me so…DNF. I know people love her books and I wanted to as well and I really really loved the setting of Three Pines but in the end that wasn’t enough to hold my attention



I had ordered this book for my dad for Christmas but what caught my eye initially when I saw it on Amazon’s new release list were 2 of my favorite buzzwords…undercover & FBI! When it came on Saturday I decided I had to read it first and I’m loving it so far. Tamer is a pseudonym and he’s currently still an agent which makes his story all the more timely. The writing is excellent and with every story he tells I feel like I’m watching an episode of Homeland, it’s very similar in tone and plot so if you like that show I think you’ll LOVE this book. You won’t believe what’s going on right under our noses in the world of undercover counterterrorism….it’s fascinating yet terrifying to say the least!


This is always a toss up for me so it could be


Have a great reading week everyone! 





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  1. Chalk Man is on my list this week too,but I won an ebook so I can only read the file ony laptop…ugh…going to take much longer than I’d like!

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  2. OMG – I LOVED The Royal We and still recommend it to people all the time.

    And thrilled to have a 2018 release to stay away from…haha.

    American Radical sounds pretty awesome! Adding to my nonfiction TBR list!

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    1. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed The Royal We! It even had twists I didn’t see coming which is always fun. Loved the characters so much. So glad you’re adding American Radical, I hope word will spread that it’s a great read!


  3. I’m so glad to be reading your posts again Renee! I actually stopped reading The Girl Who Takes… The start was too slow for me and I just had no desire to keep picking it up. I did start Artemis though and so far so good!

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    1. Thanks Jaime, I’m so glad my slump is over! I’ve heard that about The Girl Who Takes and haven’t been overly excited to try it for myself. Let me know how Artemis is, I have it but wasn’t sure I wanted to read it


    1. I don’t think I’ve ever went on Black Friday before but my mom wanted to so we did and by the time we made it to lunch I needed (and ordered:) a big glass of wine:) Cyber Monday was so much better! I haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about The Chalk Man so I’m feeling very hopeful about that one!!

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  4. I really want to read The Chalk Man; I’ve heard so many great things! I hope it lives up to the hype, and I look forward to hearing what you think if that’s your next read! Yes! I got so many great Cyber Monday deals too! I live for online shopping between work and classes, so I’m always ordering things (my mail people probably hate me), but I went crazier than normal last night. I think I’m done with all my shopping now except for 1 last gift for my hubby…as soon as he tells me what it is he wants, lol! Glad you got some amazing deals! 🙂

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    1. Wasn’t it the best last night?? I never knew Cyber Monday started on Sunday night😂 WE’re keeping UPS busy I’m sure!:) Glad you got some great deals as well and it’s the best feeling to be almost done with shopping…from the couch:) Have a great week Stephanie!


      1. It was! I love online shopping anyway! Oh, yes! My UPS driver will love Me! Tis the season though! It definitely is the best feeling to be almost done and have avoided all those crowds! You have a great week too! 😊

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  5. Looking forward to your review of The Royal We. I read an excerpt and I liked it. I hear that it’s based on Will and Kate’s relationship – so fun! I keep meaning to go back to it, and I hope to do it soon.

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  6. How did I miss this yesterday? Anyway, sorry you’ve had those two DNF books, but I’m glad you’ve found American Radical. I love Homeland, so may need to give it a try. (I’ve read books I bought as gifts before actually giving them, too. The only person who was ever mad about it was my ex!)

    Doesn’t it feel great to have shopping done early. I did a little Cyber Monday shopping, too, but maybe should have started that on Sunday night. Still, I only have two gifts left to buy and both should be fairly easy.

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    1. I snuck it in later on Monday:) I finished American Radical and I really enjoyed it so if you like Homeland I think you’d definitely like it. Yes, it feels awesome to have gotten so much shopping done and I’m even going to start wrapping as I go…I’m on the ball this year!


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