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I can’t believe we’re just about halfway through December! I’m pretty sure I’m done with my Christmas shopping and almost done with all the present wrapping so the rest of the month I hope to relax and enjoy the season. I’ve been jumping all around in my reading life so I feel that this month is a toss up of backlist reads with some 2018’s thrown in. Speaking of 2018 reads…I’m not having the best of luck with them. In fact, two of my highly anticipated reads were a bust for me last week, while another one I wasn’t sure about turned out to be a hit more me. I know I’m not alone, but what’s happening with the 2018 reads? Thoughts anyone?



I was very excited about both of these 2018 reads (coming Jan 9th) but expected I would like The Chalk Man better since it’s a mystery and partly set in the 1980s which always appeals to me. Turns out, I wasn’t impressed with The Chalk Man for several reasons, the biggest being that the alternating time periods and the character development didn’t work for me. I’ll have my full review up the first week in Jan and yes, I know I’m in the minority for this one! I suspected I would like The Immortalists based on the premise of siblings visiting a psychic and learning the dates of their deaths and in the end I REALLY enjoyed it. It started off a little rocky for me but I’m so glad I stuck with it because I truly enjoyed the characters and story. Review also coming early January



This is another 2018 release (Jan 2) that’s being talked about everywhere and while it seems the majority of people on Goodreads are loving it, I only made it to 26% before I called it a day. The weird thing was I started off really liking the premise and the voice of Anna and I found the writing to be snappy and fast. However, the farther I got the more I found myself reading ALOT of details about Anna’s fascination with (& watching of) black and white movies as well as lengthy email exchanges between her and others and I became bored. Another psychological thriller that didn’t hit me.



I was seeing favorable thoughts about this one from trusted bloggers so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve only read the opening chapter but I have to say while very disturbing, it grabbed me! One feeling I have right off the bat with this read is that this author’s writing is excellent, I love the way it’s flowing and the initial character development. Stay tuned:)

What’s on your reading agenda this week? 

Have a great reading week everyone!





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    1. I have a feeling most will like The Chalk Man more than me but I typically don’t do well with quick switchbacks in time and this one had 30 years between time frames. I also felt like the story has been done better by others, I also hope you all read it so we can compare notes:)


  1. Uh, oh…I’m about to an ARC of The Woman in the Window, and The Chalk Man was my Book of the Month pick for Dec. I was SO excited about The Chalk Man based on the hype (never a good thing, lol) and when I requested The Woman in the Window, I thought it sounded like a winner. I’ve read a couple of reviews that were less than stellar about The Chalk Man although most seem to love it, so maybe I’ll get lucky and like it. I’m hoping The Woman in the Window doesn’t bore me, but I’m going to DNF it if it does. I’m trying to force myself to DNF because I just don’t have time to read one that I don’t like. I’m glad The Immortalists worked for you! I thought about that one, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I’m about to read Anatomy of a Scandal, but I think that one didn’t work for you either, right? Or am I thinking of another book? I’ve seen mixed reviews on that one too, lol.

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    1. You have to remember, I’m often the lone blogger who doesn’t like something others love so chances are good you’ll still enjoy both those books. I’m also more inclined to dnf sooner if I’m not feeling it and then go back later and try again. Fingers crossed you love them! Yes, I skim read Anatomy, It didn’t work for me at all:(


      1. True, but I was remembering when I read your post how we both were one of the very few who didn’t love (or even like) The Marsh King’s Daughter when it seemed everyone else did, so I had this feeling out of the 3 that there might be 1 I won’t love. My New Year’s resolution is to actually start DNFing because I have too many books on my TBR that I really want to read instead of wasting time on bad books! Now if I can just force myself to do it…. I’ve read Anatomy was slow paced, and I’m not sure I’m in the mood for that. I’ll have to see once I get into it. Thanks though!! I hope I do have some winners to read though in the several ARCs I have to read while on break! And I really hope your next book is excellent!!

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      2. Thanks Stephanie! If you need moral support for your resolution of DNFing books, I’m an expert😂 I just can’t continue with a book if it doesn’t grab me in first 10% and that’s being generous. Of course, it sometimes backfires and then I go back and read the book and love it and kick myself! I think I might do a post on bookish new years resolutions, I’m curious about everyone’s. BTW, I’m still in shock when I see high ratings on GR for Marsh King’s Daughter🤔Hope you’re feeling better!

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      3. LOL! I just might need it! I don’t know why I can’t DNF unless it’s 11 yrs spent in school taking Lit classes, especially the past 5 working on my PhD, which has been a doozy, and being forced to read things, so I feel scared to not read things LOL. Like I’m being graded! And I do definitely think a big part is the exact reason you gave for when it backfires on you…I’m so afraid I will miss a book that I love! I’ve hated some books till about 60%, and then fallen in love. I think there are some you just never know about! I’m doing some better, thanks! That sounds like a great post idea!! Actually knowing what is wrong with me now so they can treat it helps. The meds have definitely helped with some of the pain but if they could cure the tiredness, that would be great!! Baby steps 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry to hear Chalk Man and Woman in the Window didn’t work for you. I have been wondering about WITW and if it’s one I should spend my money on. Verdict is still out…
    I hope your reads this week are much better! Yay for getting caught up on all things Christmas! I am glad to have most of my shopping and wrapping done, too.

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  3. I keep hearing mixed reviews for The Chalk Man. It’s been on and off my wishlist about three times! Given your reaction, I think I’ll leave it off – I’m really tired of alternating time periods. Glad you had a suprise hit too, though!

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    1. I remember you talking about your lack of enthusiasm for alternating timeframes and I feel the same way. IMO there’s only been a few books I’ve read all year that kept my interest when they’ve alternated time periods. I just prefer linear storytelling. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts if it goes back on your tbr and you do read it:)

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  4. I’m really sad to hear you didn’t like The Woman in the Window. I have that one coming up, as well.

    Glad you’re enjoying Grist Mill Road. I’m at about 62% and still really like it. If you haven’t read Yates’s debut, Black Chalk you might want to give it a try. It was a great campus thriller that compares favorably to The Secret History and If We Were Villains.

    Enjoy your week.

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  5. Someone buddy reading with us felt the same about Woman in the Window! I was also very bored until I hit the 30-35% point! It picked up after that so we had the same experiences with the opposite books we read! LOL….I put Immortalists down at 30%. So funny!

    Hope you have a fab. reading week Renee! Grist Mill is not on my tbr. Interested in your thoughts on it.

    I just loved Chalk Man, but almost didn’t read it! (I won it) so I surprised myself on that one!

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  6. I’m reviewing The Woman In The Window this weekend on the blog. I’ll already tell you I found it a bit slow-going in the beginning and I didn’t care about all the movie references either but I just read over them and it didn’t bother me too much.. I think the author wanted to create a certain noir atmosphere and went a bit overboard. It got better towards the end though is what I thought. I still would like to read The Chalk Man, although I’m a bit afraid of the hype and my expectations… I hope your next reads will be better!

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  7. I have The Chalk Man, The Immortalists, and Grist Mill Road coming up as well. And I really wanted The Woman in the Window, but now I don’t feel so bad I didn’t get approved. I’m most excited for The Immortalists, so I’m glad to hear (read? see?) you liked it. Such an intriguing premise!

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  8. Sorry about the disappointing reads Renee. I thought about getting Woman in the Window until I read a review that mentioned the slow pace. That plus your comments about it have me feeling like this one wouldn’t be for me. I haven’t read any 2018 releases yet but I hope some good ones come your way soon.

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