I’ve really enjoyed my Throwback Thursday posts this past year. What started off as me sharing some of my already read old favorites led to me finally reading from my backlist as the year progressed. It’s so easy to get excited about all the bright, shiny new releases but I do still plan on reading from my backlist in 2018 as there’s MANY reads I wanted to get to but didn’t in 2017. I thought it would be fun to zip through my TBT posts and do a little best of TBT for this year. These books are ones that either came to mind first or ones I featured in mini reviews and they are definitely not in any particular order, I loved them all!!



Those Who Wish Me Dead is actually a Standalone Sunday (hosted by Megan at Bookslayer Reads) post I used to do before just switching to all Throwback Thursdays for my site. If you like fast paced, well-written thrillers then this is for you. The opening scenes are terrifying!! Also, I’m pretty sure this is the only thriller that’s ever made me cry!



Iron House is another book by John Hart that showcases what an amazing writer he is. I read this right when it was published in 2011 and I can still remember how it felt to have my heart racing and to completely refuse to stop reading until I finished!



The Last Girl introduced me to my new favorite detective series starring Maeve Kerrigan and Josh Derwent AKA my book boyfriend this year! I love everything about this series and highly encourage you to give it a try if you love puzzling mysteries and fantastic characterization. I started the series with this one which is book 3 & then read in order



Eligible would be a great read if you’re looking for a lighter read with substance. Sometimes I’m not in the mood for mystery or murder but I like my lighter reads to still be well-written, engaging and have that something that puts them above fluff. This book fit the bill perfectly, the characters seemed real, flawed and often quite funny. I flew through this and enjoyed every minute



A Hundred Summers was the book that I initially read a few chapters and put it down to only pick it up months later and fly through it loving everything about it. This story is atmospheric, unpredictable and just so readable. The ending was fantastic and surprising, just an all around 5 star read!!


Well, that’s it for now, I thought it would be fun to pick out 5 of my favorite TBT’s in case you missed them the first time around, so I hope these might make it onto your tbr’s if they haven’t already. I had the hardest time choosing because really all of my TBT’s have been 4 & 5 star reads except for 2…out of about 50, that’s a lot of great books to choose from!!

I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas as I won’t be back until possibly the end of next week. I hope to have a new review coming soon as well as my Winter Reading Preview.

Enjoy the holidays and happy reading! 







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  1. Great reflection on Throw Back Thursday! Have a wonderful holiday with your family. I’m glad you decided to take a few days off. I also opted to delay a couple posts so I could be totally free. I’m checking out of social media until after Christmas!

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