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Happy Monday everyone! I had a great weekend, not only in terms of reading but also because I attended one of my very favorite places to go every spring called The Gift of Light Expo which is a mind/body/health/wellness expo. I love it because it includes the opportunity to sit down with many psychics and if you recall my post about The Immortalists you’ll remember I have 2 favorite psychics I chat with every year. It’s enlightening and so much fun! On the reading front I had a bit of an ARC crisis last week as I tried to read a couple of my upcoming ones and I couldn’t get into them. I know I’m not the only mood reader out there, so those of you who are as well will understand that sometimes only a certain genre will “hit” you and for me this past week it’s been…wait for it…romance!! I feel like overall I don’t read a lot of romance but when I come across well-written, angst filled, juicy drama I just love it. Yes, I’m also a sucker for love triangles, that’s probably why I love The Bachelor, isn’t that the ultimate love triangle?? So, you may be surprised about my current reads but I’d love to hear from you if you have other top romance recommendations for me…your favorites and must reads…bring them on!!


Collide is book one of two in the Collide series and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing drew me in immediately and once I settled in with my glass of wine, I flew through this book in one evening. This was exactly the type of read I was looking for and I don’t know how I haven’t come across Gail McHugh before.  Pulse is book two and I also read it in a day. These definitely need to be read in order. While I liked Collide a smidge more, I did find a certain twist the author included in Pulse to be so surprising and unexpected that I found myself seriously considering throwing my kindle across the room! In the end, I recovered and my kindle is fine:) Check back later this week for mini reviews of both. ***In the meantime, if anyone knows why Gail McHugh hasn’t wrote a book in almost 3 years please let me know, I want to start Amber to Ashes but apparently it ends in a cliffhanger and the next book has never come out***




Well, I got to about 24% (kindle reading) which is a lot for a book I kind of liked but wasn’t really feeling and then I decided I really didn’t care about picking it back up. It wasn’t that it was bad either because I thought the beginning was great but for some reason the storyline stalled and I lost interest. As others have suggested I’ll try a different Bohjalian at another time.




You guys know I love podcasts and true crime so I’m thrilled I found this podcast which has kept me busy through several long drives and house projects. Georgia and Karen bring a dark humor vibe to their show (they’re comedians) and I just love it. I highly recommend starting with their episode titled Project Artichoke if you decide to give it a try



Both of these sound great so I may head back into dark and scary with The Sandman or  psychological tension and suspense with Tangerine. Of course I may also grab another romance to squeeze in this week!

Hope you have a great reading week and please feel free to give me some of your favorite must reads in romance


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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get into Flight Attendant! Although I enjoyed it, I would defiantly recommend reading another book from him. I’m thinking about reading The Sandman also! I haven’t read a book with a scary vibe in a while.

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  2. Romance is a surprise for you, I love those covers 🙂 why not Facebook the author ? I love Sophie hart for romance, and I have a few Colleen Hoover but have yet to read them. I’m almost finished Ragdoll by Daniel Cole, then I’ll finish my mates and dates book. I’m undecided what I’m reading next. Chris Carter – Gallery of the dead and Daniel Cole – Hangman are both options as well as thousands more on my tbr!

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    1. I know! and I just love the cover of Collide. So, I’m not on Facebook but I did ask a friend who is to look up the author”s page and there’s no explanation. She doesn’t seem to be updating her website either. A mystery. I’ll check out Sophie Hart, thanks for the rec. Ragdoll was so good! I haven’t gotten a copy of Hangman but I imagine that will be just as good


  3. Mood Reader! I love that term. And Renee, I haven’t delved into the romance genre AT ALL but I’m certainly willing to consider any of YOUR recommendations! Great review!

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  4. Tangerine sounds like a bit of a slow burn, but I’m really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get an ARC, so will need to wait until after it comes out. Ugh! Have a great week.

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  5. Romance novels sure do have interesting covers 🙂 sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy Flight Attendant. I hope that you will enjoy your next reads. Happy reading 🙂

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    1. I agree Diana and while I really liked the cover of Collide I didn’t love the one for Pulse. I do have fun looking around at some of the other covers though:) I don’t think I’ll regret giving up on The Flight Attendant. Hope your reading week is fantastic!!


  6. Oh my gosh – I didn’t realize you liked romance! It totally helps me to switch up the genre when I’m in a slump. And good call on the Bohjalian. I feel like if Flight Attendant is your first, you may not be giving him a fair shot. Try The Guest Room!

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    1. I’ve added The Guest Room to my tbr! Yes, I do like romance BUT it has to be a certain storyline and type of writing, I’m super picky about it and hate cliched wimpy women in the story. I always turn to it when other genres aren’t clicking with me


  7. Renee I’m just over halfway through Tangerine 🍊 and definitely recommend it! Very, very good!! Oh and Invisible Furies (on another topic!) is my new favourite book. I adored it. 😍

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    1. I’m thrilled you loved Heart’s!! It’s right up there with A Little Life for me as to my top books ever. I’m very excited to hear Tangerine is working for you, that may win out over The Sandman for my next read since it’s much shorter:)

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  8. I just recently started listening to My Favorite Murder too and I was excited when they talked about I’ll Be Gone In the Dark! I’m glad the book is getting the attention it deserves 🙂

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  9. I enjoy romance books. I especially like them after an intensely draining psychological read. Harlequin Heartwarming books are sweet romance—easy reads that I enjoy. I liked a Kristan Higgins romance I’ve read too. Jenny Colgan is good, especially if you like British authors. And actually, I’ve enjoyed many others. I have to think about which ones.

    I have to check out that podcast!!

    Sorry, I don’t do psychics or the supernatural in any way, shape or form.

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