Wednesday Update: It’s Book Talk is moving, plus a Waiting on Wednesday that I’m SO excited about


Hi all, so I know I’ve barely been back from my LONG hiatus but I’d been thinking about making some changes on the blog since last winter and I’ve decided, now’s the time. I’ve officially moved It’s Book Talk to a web host, the awesome Ashley at Nose Graze will now be hosting my blog. I wanted to let everyone know because by the end of August, if not before, my blog will no longer be in the WordPress feeds so if you follow me through WordPress and not email, you won’t be seeing my posts in your feeds. If you already follow me by email, you should continue to receive notifications when I post. If you’re unsure you can resubscribe on my new site here. For my WordPress followers, if you’d like to continue receiving my posts, here’s a link for my new site which is still under the same name, . There’s an email sign up on the right hand side. Feel free to leave me a comment on the new site, or message me on twitter if you have questions or problems.

You may also notice that I’ve given the new site a makeover! I’m very excited to redesign the blog and start making it MUCH more user friendly and easier to navigate. I hope you’ll find it a welcome change over the next couple weeks. I’m still working behind the scenes to configure it but I’ll try my best to keep my book updates and reviews coming. I’m also going to be bringing back my Throwback Thursday so stay tuned for that post soon!

I don’t want to leave without sharing a Waiting on Wednesday that I’m SO excited to read… images

I don’t know how this book missed my radar but thanks to my friend Susie at Novel Visits       I now know that John Boyne, author of MY FAVORITE BOOK OF 2017, The Heart’s Invisible Furies (My Review) has a new book coming Nov 13th!! Mark your calendars:)



Happy reading!! 

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday Update: It’s Book Talk is moving, plus a Waiting on Wednesday that I’m SO excited about

    1. What’s your email? I’ve installed a plug in that should automatically point my wordpress followers to the new site so you should be ok. I’ll add your email myself on my site and see if that goes through better though:)

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      1. So I got the same response when I put your email in, I think you might have to click on the link for subscribe.wordpress, then click on the manage wordpress reader and go to “sites” and find mine, click settings and turn on or allow the notifications to email. I hope that helps:)


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