2 Page Turning Books to Read Before Summer Ends

Aren’t page turning books the best in the summer for an afternoon at the pool, beach or, if you’re like me, the patio?  I read both of these in about a day and they both led to late night reading & loss of sleep which for me is the hallmark of a page turner. That sounds like a new category list for the blog…books that cause a loss of sleep…hmmm

The Wife  By Alafair Burke
Published January 23, 2018 By Harper
340 Pages
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Short Summary: A celebrity husband’s scandal, a wife’s secrets, a disappearance all intersect to test loyalty and make us wonder what EXACTLY is going on.

My Thoughts: I have no idea why I waited until now to read this book, big mistake on my part. I loved the intricate web Burke created with this plot so much, even more so because she fooled me in the end. I love that! This book starts with a bang and ends with a “gasp” and includes many subtle twists and turns in between.  How tempting is this first sentence?

In an instant, I became the woman they assumed I’d been all along: the wife who lied to protect her husband. 

Of course I can’t even give you a smidge of a hint about the ending but know this…it’s perfection. What I love about Burke’s writing is her ability to weave an intricate plot that caused me to guess, question everything, guess again, and then realize I wasn’t going to figure this out any time soon, hence the late night of reading. The story is layered and very clever, yet also incorporates timely subject matter which made it feel “ripped from the headlines.” I don’t want to give a single plot detail away so I’ll just say pick this up if you’re looking for a QUALITY psychological thriller that lives up to the thriller title. And if you love this (I think you will), try Burke’s book All Day and a Night , a Throwback Thursdaypick from long ago.



Jane Doe By Victoria Helen Stone
Published August 1, 2018 By Lake Union
258 Pages
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Short Summary: Plain Jane is blending in nicely at her new job at an insurance agency but there is much more to Jane than meets the eye. No one suspects she’s leading a double life with a single purpose of revenge

My Thoughts: Oh my you guys, Jane kind of left me speechless and I mean that in the BEST possible way! She’s a little cray-cray but I’d certainly love to be friends with her. She’s a very self aware sociopath, making no apologies for herself and in no way wishes to change. She’s returned to the US after living in Malaysia with a single focus and agenda – revenge. This page turner is told entirely from Jane’s perspective and believe me that’s the best way to tell it.

The dress is soft and flowery, like all of my recent purchases. It could be demure, but I’ve unbuttoned one too many buttons. He’s a breast man, our Steven. Mine aren’t large, but I’ve pushed them up to make them look more C than B. He likes the result. If he ever sees me naked, he’ll be disappointed, but it will only work in my favor.

Along with the fact that I just really loved Jane’s wit, her ingenuity, and her single minded determination to succeed with her plan, I also loved that there was no unreliable narrator and no flashbacks. This is a straightforward, no gimmicks story and that was so welcome! I literally couldn’t put this book down and stayed up super late to finish. My best advice would be to just pick this up -don’t read the synopsis- and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. If you’ve already read and enjoyed You (My Review) by Carolyn Kepnes, I think you’ll definitely love this….and wouldn’t Joe & Jane make the BEST literary couple??

Have you read either of these? What page turning books have YOU read lately?


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21 thoughts on “2 Page Turning Books to Read Before Summer Ends

    1. Thanks Sarah! It takes me forever to figure out all the behind the scenes set up but I’m really happy with the new theme so far. I thought The Wife was one of her best books in years!


    1. I think you’ll love it Brandie…Jane is wacky but I want to be her friend😂 Let me know what you think when you read it!


    1. Thanks Susie, both of these books helped me get excited for reading again! You can’t go wrong with Alafair Burke and this one is one of her very best. Hope you enjoy it when you get to it:)


    1. Weren’t these SO good Pam! I’m so happy we agree these are 5 stars😉 I hope we find some more 5 stars, I know I haven’t had as many this year so hopefully the next 5 months improve that. Thanks for commenting!!


    1. I think you’ll like both of these Diana, they’re different but equally unputdownable. I’d love to hear what you think if you read either…or both😉


  1. Glad to see you back Renee! I hope your break was just what you needed! I have The Wife and really need to read it! If you say Jane Doe is similar to You, then I’ll love it. Great shares! 😊


    1. Thanks so much Stephanie! I needed the break to refocus and get my reading and blogging reorganized:) I do think you’ll love Jane Doe, I haven’t seen anyone saying anything negative about it, Jane is just so..interesting…to put it nicely. And The Wife is so perfectly plotted! I hope your summer was good and you’re doing well!?


      1. You’re welcome! I think we all need a break from time to time! I’m about to take one myself; my lupus has flared up again, so I’ve been back to the Dr within the past week, who has told me to take it easier and then my classes start on Monday and I always need the time away from the blog to get back into the swing of things and get to know my students. I definitely don’t want to be overdoing it and to be honest, I’m starting to feel burnt-out from writing reviews and reading all the ARCs that I have (way more than I normally would have!). I’m reading 3 ARCs right now, and I’ve heard excellent things about them, 2 especially, but I can’t focus on any of them for longer than 10 minutes before I’m changing books to see if that helps-and it doesn’t. I think it’s a case of where they are all 3 heavy reads, and I’m not in the mood at all! I want something light or something ultra suspenseful where I don’t have to think and preferably not an ARC with a release date, lol. I’m trying to wrap up my Aug reviews by the end of this week and start my hiatus on Fri or Sat…whether the reviews get written or not for all (since I still haven’t finished 2 books, lol) remains to be seen but regardless, I’m taking that hiatus! Unfortunately, I have a handful of ARCS for Sept and Oct, so my thoughts of an indefinite hiatus since not only do classes start, but I’ve decided to homeschool my daughter for 3rd grade (so that’s just something else to get adjusted to at the end of the month) probably can’t happen unless I just get to the books/reviews when I get to them and hope NetGalley and the publishers don’t forever deny me an ARC again, lol. I think you told me before that it would be fine if I didn’t have them reviewed right as they released, so I’m just going to do what needs to be done for me. And I think I might go ahead and read The Wife since I have it. It sounds like it might be what I need to get me out of the reading funk I’m in. I’ll definitely try it! I hope you had a great summer and am so glad that your break helped!


      2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a flare up. Hopefully taking a step back from blogging will take something off your plate. I totally get being burnt out on review writing, I still don’t want to write too many and will focus on giving shorter snippets of my thoughts. Hope your break leaves you feeling better and yes, The Wife would be a great read if you’re in a slump!


      3. Thanks! I hope so since it really is time consuming, and I honestly dread having to write reviews (I just hating writing in general). Thanks; I think I will pick it up soon!


    1. I’ve been adding WAY too many books to my already out of control netgalley and edelweiss so I better start reading faster or I’m in big trouble:)


  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am in a book abyss right now and have DNFd way too many in a row – Jane Doe looks like just the thing! I read The Wife at warp speed – loved it. I am glad I found your blog – I think we have similar reading tastes. Thank you Sarah @ Sarah’s Bookshelves for sending me here!


    1. Hi! Thanks for commenting and I’m so happy Sarah sent you my way and you found some new recommendations! It’s so hard and no fun when you get so many DNF’s in a row, I’ve been there many times. Jane Doe was so good, I gave it 5 stars. I hope you like it. She’s got a new book coming out this summer which also sounds great


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