October Reading Update: My Hits, Misses & In-betweens

Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a good weekend! Life is a little hectic for me right now so I wanted to do a quick reading update in case I don’t get any reviews up this week, although I hope to. Looking back over the last few weeks, I noticed I’ve been reviewing mostly 5 star reads, however, my reading hasn’t been all 5 star books, not by a long shot. I’ve had a couple average reads and I’ve DNFed many. I’m not afraid to put books down if I’m not in the mood or the writing or story isn’t working for me. Anyone else out there a serious mood reader?

Recent Hits


Both One Day in December  and The Craftsman will be published tomorrow, Oct 16th, and both are fantastic! (I hope to have mini reviews up soon) I’m so glad I gave One Day in December a try, you might think this is just another run of the mill instant love story/missed connection BUT I promise you it’s not. I loved the unexpected paths the author ventured down with respect to love and female friendship. Set over a decade, this had shades of One Day by David Nichols but also reminded me a little of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s type of writing style. I laughed, cried and just loved this book.  The Craftsman is another hit by Sharon Bolton…seriously, the lady can’t write a bad book! This story, filled with graveyards, coffins, an undertaker, murder and a feisty female detective named Florence Lovelady (best name!) checks all my boxes for a must read mystery. If you enjoy puzzling mysteries with perfectly spooky settings this book is for you.


The In-betweens


I call the in-betweens those books I didn’t love but didn’t hate. They fall in a shaded gray category and are my hardest ones to review. I’ve loved Lisa Genova’s Still Alice and Inside the O’Brian’s but Every Note Played was just ok. I found the main characters really hard to like and the story seemed to lack the emotional connection I felt with her others. There was an abundance of medical data and details, at the expense of the story, in my opinion. Night Film is a book I’ve wanted to read for a long time so I’m really glad I did. I had this in print and audio and chose to go with the audio because the narrator was amazing. I’d give him 5 stars and without him I wouldn’t have stuck this LONG book out in print. While I really enjoyed the creep factor of the overall story, I found it to be very dense and repetitive and the ending was, for me, anticlimactic and disappointing. I’m bummed about this one, I’d hoped to like it more.


The DNFs (Did Not Finish)


The Royal Runaway DNF 40%….I gave this a good chance to turn around but even with skimming this wasn’t for me. I felt no chemistry between Thea and Nick and expected more romance and less running around trying to be spies. Maybe if they were actual spies or even good ones this would’ve worked better but I found too many plot and character inconsistencies to keep going with this one. The Clockmaker’s Daughter DNF 10%…I know I’m in the minority for this but I couldn’t get into it. This is the second Kate Morton book I’ve tried and DNFed (also The Secret Keeper) so I’m thinking I might not be the reader for her type of writing style. I found the beginning of this too descriptive and the language flow and writing style wasn’t for me. By 10% I found myself confused rather than intrigued.


What I’m Reading Now

I thought I could wait until winter for this March release but I can’t! I need a surefire winner to read right now and Taylor Jenkins Reid never disappoints. I’ve only read 15 pages and I’m already interested in the story and characters.


Likely to Read Next

I’m in the mood for another missing person (not child) story after reading Night Film and I love Alafair Burke plus I own this one so it seems like a good bet.

Hope you have a good week, let me know what you’ve been reading and loving…or not loving! 

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21 thoughts on “October Reading Update: My Hits, Misses & In-betweens

  1. Did you know Alafair Burke has a new one coming out in 2019?? The Better Sister on 4/2! Still no galleys available for request, but I keep checking.

    I’d been toying with The Clockmaker’s Daughter, but was also put off by the page count, the many characters and storylines, and now that it has overly descriptive writing, I’m 100% out 🙂


    1. Yes on the Alafair Burke! I keep checking as well. I thought she might be coming out with a sequel for The Wife but it looks like not yet. That one sounds good too


  2. The Clockmaker’s Daughter was a bit slow and daunting. I did enjoy the author’s writing, and I want to try another book of hers in the future. But I didn’t love this one.

    I hope you love Daisy!! I can’t wait to read The Craftsman and One Day in December.


    1. Susie, I’m about 25% now and I’m a little unsure about the structure but it’s TJR so who knows what will happen! I’m liking it but haven’t reached love yet


  3. My week at the beach was interrupted by Hurricane Michael so I haven’t been reading much this week (staycation with husband home!).

    I loved Every Note Played but I’m a RN and it was a buddy read with an out of town friend who has a friend just diagnosed. Our discussions no doubt elevated the book. The characters were definitely unlikable. But there are enough books that feature a heroic, loving, perfect family dealing with terminal diseases, so I appreciated a look at a less than perfect family story.

    I read one Kate Morton book and while it was good I am not compelled to pick up another one – too long-winded and descriptive for me too!

    I’m currently reading Waiting For Eden by Elliot Ackerman and Lies by T.M. Logan. So far both are good!


    1. I hadn’t thought about your point about a less than likable family dealing with that horrible disease but that’s a different way of looking at it! Glad it’s not just me with Kate Morton. I may squeeze in Waiting for Eden soon, I just got it from the library


  4. Yes, One Day in December and The Craftsman were amazing! I was so impressed with my first Sharon Bolton book.

    The Clockmaker’s Daughter initially confused me too but I ended up liking it; it was my 1st Kate Morton. I plan to read another and am interested to see if it takes a while to get into it. She’s not top on my list of fave historical fiction authors, which is my 2nd favorite genre, but that could change after reading more of her books.

    Night Film I listened to on audio too and loved the narrator, but it ended up disappointing me too. The ended was just blase, and I think the book was just way too long.

    I want to start Daisy Jones right now too, lol (yes, I got approved!), but I’m trying to hold out until the holidays when things are less hectic! I know it will be amazing. I love TJR so much! Enjoy!


    1. I’m so glad you liked The Craftsman! Hopefully you’ll read more Sharon Bolton, her books are SO good and the mysteries so hard to figure out. I wish I was hearing more buzz about One Day in December, I’m glad we both loved it. I need to find out if that Night Film narrator has other books, he made the story that’s for sure


  5. I really enjoyed Night Film when it first came out in print. There was a lot of buzz about it and I remember at least three other bloggers reading it with me. That was fun.


  6. I can appreciate why you felt the way you did about The Clockmaker’s Daughter as I’ve had mixed experiences with Kate Morton’s books in the past, not so much for the descriptive writing you mention but more for being too slow. However, I did actually like The Clockmaker’s Daughter more than some of her other books, a few of which I’ve set aside unfinished (The Distant Hours was one). The Secret Keeper, which you mention as a DNF, was one I did enjoy. I often think though all her books would benefit from being 50 to 100 pages less!


    1. I might give her one more chance, I bought The Lake House when it was a kindle sale and it seemed to have a high Goodreads rating so that one could be my final try, have you read it?


  7. Looks like some pretty good books and authors in this post. I agree with you, Kate Morton is highly descriptive in her writing and if that is not what you like, then her books would not be for you. I really have to be in a certain mood to read them.


  8. I liked The Clockmaker’s Daughter, but you have to be the kind of person who likes intricate, descriptive writing- otherwise, I imagine it could make you nutty!

    I agree on Night Film. I read it and thought it was very inventive but the ending was way too ambiguous. It was a awhile ago but I remember thinking, ‘what just happened here?’ which can be fun, but was not.


    1. Catherine your comment about Night Film made me laugh because that’s how I felt…wait this can’t be IT? well, yes it can and joke’s on me after 23 hours of listening. So not fun!


  9. I have heard only good things about The Craftsmen. Glad to hear that you also liked it and you also enjoy the author’s writing. I am yet to read anything by her but I hope to rectify that soon. Have a wonderful November, Renee.


    1. I know you like thrillers Diana so I really think you’ll love Sharon Bolton’s writing! I think The Craftsman was a little slower than some of her previous books but she always delivers with top notch mysteries. Hope you also have a great November!


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