5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Welcome to 5 on Friday, a little list of things I’m enjoying lately.  I got this idea from Tim Ferris who sends out his 5 Bullet Friday posts to all his email subscribers and Laura Tremaine’s Secret Posts. If you’re interested you can check out Tim’s website at Tim.blog and Laura’s at 10thingstotellyou.com . I thought it would be fun to do a short and simple posts of things I’m enjoying lately. Every week you’ll find different content…could be books I’m reading, movies, tv, recipes, quotes, articles, household items etc….anything I’m enjoying to pass along in the hope that you might also find something you’d like.


Ted Talk That’s Got Me Thinking
Quit Social Media with Dr Cal Newport. Now, I haven’t been thinking about quitting social media entirely but I do have to say I’m thinking about staying off of Twitter for awhile and greatly decreasing my scrolling through Instagram. I joined both for books, authors, and connecting with other bookish people which has been great but lately Twitter has become constant politics and arguments…and that’s from authors and other book people who are mainly all I follow. I’m tired of it and I’ve unfollowed some favorite authors because I’ve just had enough of the complaining in my feed. I think Instagram has steered clear of this for the most part and my main issue with it is just the tons of time I spend scrolling through looking at other’s cool book pics and reviews. Plus the stories! There’s so much good stuff to see on IG BUT I think I need to take that scrolling time and put it towards more reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts and how YOU manage your social media time, especially Instagram. This TED talk gives me much to consider 

Book I’m Enjoying 
The Nowhere Man by Greg Hurwitz. This is the second book in the Orphan X series which follows Evan Smoak, assassin raised and trained by a secret government agency which he broke away from and who consequently wants him dead. What I love about this series is that along with the suspense of Evan being hunted, he is also a hunter, going after and eliminating very bad poeple (think child molesters, human traffickers, etc). The writing is superb and since I was in the mood for suspense and action, I’m getting plenty! No fluffy descriptive setting details here. I would recommend starting with Orphan X  though so you’ll get Evan’s full story

Article (and website) I Found Really Interesting…and Hopeful for Blogs!
Do You Still Read Blogs?  by Tsh Oxenreider on The Art of Simple blog. I’ve been a little worried lately that some of my favorite bloggers have forsaken their blogs for quicker book snippets and “reviews” on Instagram so I was happy to read this article and the many comments following it that says yes people are still reading blogs. I completely agree with her take on blogs being like sitting down for coffee with a friend verses social media platforms feeling like being in a large crowd of people. (Can You tell I’ve been thinking about social media this week?!) I still read and enjoy blogs that’s for sure, I’d love to hear what you think about this as well!

Goodreads Reviewer and Blogger I Really Enjoy 
Larry H  (on Goodreads) and from the blog It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria . Larry reads a crazy amount of books and always has thoughtful, insightful reviews. I especially like his well placed use of Gifs! Sometimes a Gif does say it all

Quote that Resonates With Me Recently
“True Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.”- Ed Cunningham


Have a great weekend! 

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10 thoughts on “5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. Yeah – I barely get on Twitter anymore. Thank God for scheduling tools that make it so you don’t have to! One thing that really helps me with social media is I never turned on the notifications on my phone…the only notifications I have are text and phone calls. I don’t even get email notifications. So, I just check IG or email whenever I have a second to kill during the day, but the notifications are not interrupting me constantly throughout the day.
    I read that Art of Simple article as well and loved it!


    1. I’m bummed about the turn Twitter has taken because I used to get so many book recs from there. I only have my notifications turned on for close friends on IG but I have them on silent. My problem is scrolling mindlessly once I do get on. It pulls you in and then all of a sudden an hour has gone by! I might try giving myself a time limit…put the phone down after 10 min haha


      1. I fall into that Instagram hole too but I love it. Hours can easily pass but I’ve made some good friendships there, and have a lot of DM chats too. It’s how me and Beth (Bibliobeth) first started talking, doing buddy reads and then we met up in real life! So yay Instagram, lol. Twitter on the other hand, usually just ends up annoying me because of the nonsense some people tweet lol 😂


      2. I agree I about the Twitter nonsense! I can’t believe what some people tweet. That’s so fun that you and Beth got to meet in person! I’m not at the point of giving up Instagram, it’s my favorite bookish place outside of Goodreads. I just need to decrease my scrolling:)


  2. I’m going to read the article from The Art of Simple. I’m curious what she has to say. Did you know the author, Tsh Oxenreider had a book out last year called At Home in the World. It was all about the year she, her husband and 3 or 4??? kids left home and traveled around the world. I listened on audio and really liked it. (There’s a review on my blog.)


  3. I deleted Twitter and Snapchat from my phone months ago. And I don’t miss it one bit. I unfollowed a ton of people and pages on Facebook, so I don’t have to scroll hardly at all, and did the same with Instagram last week. This has cut way down on my time on my phone! I hated spending so much time scrolling – it cuts into time reading. 🙂


    1. I’ve never been on Facebook which I’m happy about except I wish I could be in some book groups on there but it would probably also be a time suck for me. I’ve moved Twitter to my fourth page on my phone instead of my home screen and I’ve basically forgot about it this weekend. Scrolling deftly cuts into reading time!


  4. I only follow bloggers or authors who share my political leanings to avoid being completely infuriated when they share political stuff, but I still find that I often get on twitter wanting to hear about what people are reading and can’t find that for all the politics. I get that people may feel a responsibility to share news they feel strongly about and I even think the level of engagement is a probably a good thing for the country, but sometimes I just want to to talk about books! I have no solution.


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