5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Welcome to 5 on Friday, a little list of things I’m enjoying lately.  I got this idea from Tim Ferris who sends out his 5 Bullet Friday posts to all his email subscribers and Laura Tremaine’s Secret Posts. If you’re interested you can check out Tim’s website at Tim.blog and Laura’s at 10thingstotellyou.com . I thought it would be fun to do a short and simple posts of things I’m enjoying lately. Every week you’ll find different content…could be books I’m reading, movies, tv, recipes, quotes, articles, household items etc….anything I’m enjoying to pass along in the hope that you might also find something you’d like.


Article from Popsugar.com
50 Things Only Book Lovers Understand I think I said yes to just about every one of these on the list except 32. I didn’t slowly come around to enjoying Kindle, I’ve loved it fully since it came out and it’s the one aspect of my reading life I can’t live without.

Podcast I’m Loving 
Forever35  A podcast about the things we do to take care of ourselves. How did I not know about this podcast?  A good friend turned me on to this podcast a couple weeks ago and I’ve been tearing through their back episodes. Kate and Dorree are writers and friends who love to talk about skincare, friendship, books, makeup, etc really anything that we do that would be “self-care” for ourselves. Doree reads a ton of books which is fun and they both love to talk about serums, Sephora, and skincare…YES!!

Favorite Winter Must Have for Dry Skin
Lush’s Naked Body Conditioner in Snow Fairy  I LOVE Lush although it can be pricey on certain things. I love their products though and this one is at the top of my list. This is a solid square shaped bar that works as an in shower lotion so you just swipe it on, lightly rinse and that’s it. I don’t feel the need to use any more lotion when I use this and, BONUS, it doesn’t make the shower floor slippery or leave a greasy feeling of any kind. This scent is my favorite but it’s seasonal so it will disappear after the holidays. Needless to say, I stock up a little now and then Lush has a 50% off sale the day after Christmas and I buy more!! (P.S. I’m not an affiliate for Lush)

Book I’m Enjoying This Week 
In Cold Blood  by Truman Capote. I enjoy nonfiction true crime so Nonfiction November along with my son reading this for  class seemed like a great time to pick this up. I went in thinking it wouldn’t be all that suspenseful or page turning because we know who did it but I’m wrong, it’s both those things!

Blog Post I’m Loving This Week
Fiction-Nonfiction Book Pairings by Sarah’s Book Shelves For Nonfiction November Sarah is hosting a week of Fiction – Nonfiction book pairings, not only giving her pairings (which have increased my tbr:) but at the bottom there are tons of other bloggers who have linked their own pairings. I’m really hoping to have mine up tomorrow!

Are You Also Enjoy Anything From My List This Week?

Have a great Weekend!


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21 thoughts on “5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

  1. The Pop Sugar article was fun 😁📚📚. I’ve discovered (and am participating in) Nonfiction November for the first time this year and also I love the idea of the literary pairings.


    1. I think most book lovers will appreciate that article! Hope you’re reading lots of good ones for Nonfiction November Cathy


      1. My Voyage is almost 3 years old and doesn’t hold a charge as long as it used to, I’m glad to hear you love the Oasis!


  2. Thanks for linking to my post! And -I loved In Cold Blood! I actually wrote my junior year term paper on it in high school…while everyone else was writing about Pride & Prejudice – haha! I’m due for a re-read, though…and it really is the original true crime book!

    And – I’m obviously with you on Popsugar 32 as well 🙂


    1. That’s too funny that you mentioned that because when I brought up the web page to link to the Snow Fairy, I saw that video and thought WHAT!! I’m sorry that creepy guy in the shower is the worst product endorsement I’ve seen in a long time…ewwwwww sums it up😂


    1. Stephanie, you have to try podcasts! There’s so many good ones. What are your favorite Lush products? I love hearing what others love from there


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