5 on Friday: 5 things I’m Loving Lately

Welcome to 5 on Friday, a little list of things I’m enjoying lately.  I got this idea from Tim Ferris who sends out his 5 Bullet Friday posts to all his email subscribers and Laura Tremaine’s Secret Posts. If you’re interested you can check out Tim’s website at Tim.blog and Laura’s at 10thingstotellyou.com . I thought it would be fun to do a short and simple posts of things I’m enjoying lately. Every week you’ll find different content…could be books I’m reading, movies, tv, recipes, quotes, skincare, articles, household items etc….anything I’m enjoying to pass along in the hope that you might also find something you’d like.


Article I Agree with From Anne Bogel at ModernMrsDarcy.com
The Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Reading Life. I completely agree with this article and found that by following this strategy I have improved the quality of my reading life. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments!

Soapbox Article About Barnes & Noble by Author Robin Barone That I Found So Spot On
What I Learned From Visiting B&N Stores  I loved this article! The author makes so many spot on points about B&N such as their lack of customer service as well as the fact that their employees don’t seem to like talking to people. So True! I live outside of a big city and I’ve been to 3 different B&N’s in the past month and NOT ONE EMPLOYEE in any of them asked if I needed help or tried to engage me to, you know, sell books. Also, they all looked liked they hate their jobs. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now but I really wish we had an independent bookstore in my city!

Article that made me say WOW
Goodreads #1 Reviewer Emily May Reveals Her Trick to Hitting Her Reading Goal Every Year I do follow Emily and enjoy her reviews. I had no idea anyone could have that many followers! Amazing.

Podcast I’m Loving
Crime Junkie Podcast  with Ashley Flowers. I love true crime and this is one of the best true crime podcasts I have stumbled upon. It’s very well done and Ashley gives different takes and details on cases I thought I knew everything about…I highly recommend giving her 2 part episode on the Laci Peterson case a listen!

Organic All Around Moisturizer I’m Loving
Cliganic 100% Pure Jojoba Oil  I was on the hunt for an all natural multi use moisturizer and got this last month. So far I’m using it under my eyes in addition to under eye creme at night (I read this is an excellent wrinkle fighter!), for my hair before blow drying, on my cuticles at night, as a body oil after a shower and as an extra lip conditioner. I love it and find that’s it’s really helping

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section! 

Have a Great Weekend!!


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12 thoughts on “5 on Friday: 5 things I’m Loving Lately

  1. B&N makes me sad. I live on the outskirts of Los Angeles in a large suburb. We used to have a Borders but it closed. That Borders had a good vibe but bad customer service. B&N, which is the only store to remain, is horrible. The only time we get people who care, is around the holidays when the temp people come in. The temps, seem to be folks who love books. But by the end of January they are gone and we are left with the same, sad, bitter folks that normally run the store. I asked a guy for help once in the children’s section because he was stacking books IN the children’s section and he told me that it’s not his area. I couldn’t help but be quippy. Oh, really? You are IN it, working, and wearing a name tag but it’s not your area? He said NO and then walked away.

    BUT, a small used bookstore opened right by my house and these ladies are fabulous. They sell used but can get new if I order it and they give me reward points and discounts. I go in looking for Murakami and they give me all sorts of other author recommendations. I love that. That is what it’s supposed to be about.


    1. TI that story is too funny yet so indicative of what has become of B&N!! The fact that you are having the same experience in your stores in Cal that I have across the country in Ohio points to the fact that B&N has systemic problems everywhere. I wonder if they’ll realize it and make any attempts to change before they have to go the way of Borders? I also preferred Borders to them. I’m super jealous of your little used bookstore! We have a half priced bookstore but no one helps or interacts there either.


  2. I have no problem giving up on a book early if it’s not working for me. There are too many books I want to read and not enough time to get to them all. I refuse to waste time reading something that’s just meh. 🙂
    That being said, I have only been reading ‘ok’ books the past few weeks. I think they’re going to be really good, but they aren’t getting more than 3 stars for me. I hope the next book I pick is better.


    1. I’ve been in the same reading place as you Brandie. I keep reading new releases and they have all been 2-3 star reads. I want a 5 star so bad!! Hopefully we both get one soon


  3. I’ve just started listening to Crime Junkie and I like it, although I don’t always love how they talk about the victims of crimes. For instance, in the ‘tent girl’ episode, that’s how the constantly refer to the victim and they sometimes refer to the victims’ bodies as though they’re just objects in a way that bothers me. Hopefully like the My Favorite Murder ladies they’ll get better about things like that as they go 🙂 I agree with you that the Laci Peterson episode was particularly interesting!


    1. So far I’ve only listened to the episodes about missing people on Crime Junkie and now that you mention it they do tend to be a little unemotional but I think they’re intention is to just report facts as they know them. I’m an early listener though.


  4. Thanks so much for the Crime Junkies podcast recommendation. I’ve been packing, moving, and unpacking the last 4 days and I’ve binge listened as I work. I love it. Plus, they are fellow Hoosiers 🙂

    My local B&N is great. Long time employees who are pleasant, helpful, and readily available. We don’t have an indie bookstore so I use our B&N a lot. I’m sorry to hear others don’t have the same experience.


    1. I’m glad you’re having good luck with your B&N! That’s how they should all be operating…if they want to stay in business that it! I’ve listened to all the missing people episodes on Crime Junkie podcast, I think they do a great job reporting the cases. So glad you’re enjoying it


  5. Hmmm…well, I agree with DNF’ing being the best thing you can do for your reading life, even if it’s really difficult for some of us to do. Why waste time reading books you don’t like/aren’t right for you?

    The Emily May interview was definitely interesting, but…where were the tricks for meeting her reading goals? Aside from suggesting starting low on your GR challenge and moving it up as you go, does she have any other tips or tricks to squeeze in more time or books? How does a new mother read 200 books a year??? Seriously, I want to know!

    As for B&N, I suspect my opinion varies because I have to drive 45 minutes to get to one. We have Books-A-Million in Portland (Maine), but I don’t love the vibe in there. I’ve always been a big fan of B&N, but I also don’t like people bothering me with “help” while I’m shopping, so I’m also kind of a weirdo. 😉 One of the few things I miss about “back home” is going to B&N Cafe to read and drink tea. The Cafe people knew me as a regular and were book lovers, so I’m a B&N fan.


    1. I agree with what you’re saying about the Emily May article, I wanted to know her tips and tricks as well. Especially about navigating Goodreads! Glad you’ve had better B & N experiences, it’s good to know there’s some stores out there that are actually good!


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