Monday Reading Update

Anyone else spend the weekend in due to snow and ice? Here in Ohio, we got a heavy dose of ice and snow drifts which I don’t think will be melting anytime soon since we’re supposed to have below 0 temps this week:( I’m ready for winter to be over! What I was most looking forward to was lounging on the couch under my comfy blanket and getting lost in a good book. It didn’t happen . What did happen? I ended up DNFing another most anticipated winter read. I’ve been struggling with my winter reading these last 2 weeks that’s for sure. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m really hoping an outstanding 5 star read comes along SOON! If you’ve read something amazing be sure to let me know what it was in the comments!


As Long As We Both Shall Live  was a book I had seen pretty positive reviews for on Instagram and the prologue was especially intriguing. In fact, it had one of the best first sentences I’ve read in a long time so I thought it might be a psychological thriller I actually ended up loving. It wasn’t. You can read my mini review on Goodreads (here) but I found it to be predictable and in several ways trying to be a Gone Girl knockoff.

I was thrilled to get an early copy of Into The Jungle  since I loved her first book The River at Night  , so much so that I dropped everything and read it in one day. Unfortunately, I didn’t love this one. Although the level of detail in the writing of the remote location in the Amazon jungle was excellent (the author has clearly done her research), I was unprepared for the number of scenes involving animals being killed for food, hunting, sport etc. It was honestly too much for me and caused me to somewhat disconnect from the story. I’ll review closer to May pub date.

Maybe in Another Life  has been on my tbr for quite awhile and I had actually tried it in print long ago and couldn’t get into it. This time I listened to the audio book and really enjoyed it. Julia Whelan was the narrator and she made all the difference. The story wasn’t perfect by any means but still worth a listen if you’re in the mood for an easy romance.



Well this was surprising to me! Two of my most anticipated winter reads are DNF’s. I was really looking forward to Here and Now and Then for the time travel but the story and characters felt so bogged down in scientific details that I lost interest (DNF 31%). I fully expected to enjoy Sally Thorne’s new book after loving The Hating Game  but I didn’t like the main character Darcy at all. I know she was supposed to be edgy but I found her annoying. The writing seemed stilted, the banter off, it just wasn’t working for me (DNF 18%).



The End of Your Life Bookclub  is the true story of a mother and son who form their own 2 person book club during her chemo treatments. I’m early in the story but I’m enjoying the narrator and really loving the way this mother and son bond over their in depth book discussions. This feels like it will be emotional (I’m really liking mom) but also a very nice tribute to reading and books and how they impact our lives, even at the end.



I just started The Nowhere Child , (Jan 22) (mystery/suspense) but so far I really like the writing. The set up… a 30 year old woman is approached by a man while on her lunch break at a school in Australia. He shows her a picture of a little 2 year old girl and tells her that girl vanished when she was 2 and he thinks SHE is that girl! I’m fascinated by missing people stories so I’m anticipating this will be a winner for me. Plus, it’s published by Minotaur Books which is one of my favorite publishers.





That’s all for now, how has your reading been going? Tell us all about your hits & misses in the comments! 

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26 thoughts on “Monday Reading Update

  1. Sorry your reading isn’t going all that well this month. I hate it when that happens!

    I feel like mine has been pretty good. I’ve had a couple duds and just DNF’d Sugar Run, but others I’ve really liked. I’m doing a full review of The End of Loneliness on Thursday and I think you already know that I liked it. I just finished The Age of Light (out next month) and loved it. It’s historical fiction about Lee Miller and her relationship with Man Ray.

    Hope your reading picks up!


    1. Thanks Susie! I had been seeing The Age of Light around but wasn’t sure since historical fiction is hit or miss for me. What made it so great for you?


      1. It sounds good! I’m on my library wait list…I don’t even try requesting from Little Brown on net galley anymore, they deny me for everything!


  2. Why can’t we find something good to read?!?! I’m struggling to pick something right now. It’s so frustrating!! I’m really worried I’m going to be let down by the new Thorne book. I decided to reserve it from my library instead of pre-ordering a copy. I don’t want to waste the money if I end up being underwhelmed.
    I hope you find something epic to read this week. I’m determined to figure out a good book today!


    1. I have a feeling that, for me, these advanced copies just aren’t cutting it. While they sound good in a blurb on net galley they’re turning out to be not all that great. I’m wondering if I need to jump way out of my comfort zone…I’ve been hearing that the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas is amazing. Have you read that? I think you made a wise choice about 99 percent mine, I’ll be really curious to hear your thoughts on Darcy though!!


  3. Sorry your reading hasn’t been going very well. It sucks when our anticipated reads end up not meeting our expectations. Glad your current book is going well though and I hope your next reads will be even better. Have a fab week.


      1. Her newest is called What The Wind Knows, but you cannot go wrong with her stories in general. The Smallest Part was one of my 2018 favorites for example, and I loved Making Faces and From Sand And Ash as well. I love how unique each story is as well!


  4. Renee, I agree that the ARCs are hit or miss. I loved The End of Your Life Bookclub and hope you do too.

    I need to start the Orphan X series!

    We got a snow and ice and the temperature was a balmy 14 degrees yesterday….moving day for us. It was quite miserable with the doors open all day 🥶


    1. What awful weather to move in Jan! How are you settling in? I’d love for you to give Orphan X a try when you’re in the mood for a well written action thriller


      1. Renee, we are unpacked and settled in. We only have to hang pics 🙂 This is a temporary apartment in Indiana until my husband retires and then we’ll split our time between OH &FL with some visits back here. It’s complicated, lol.

        I’ll save Orphan X for FL. I love fast paced unputdownable books when I’m at the beach!


  5. I’ve had one 5 star read this year, which was No Mercy by Joanna Schaffhausen, the 2nd installment in the Ellery Hathaway series. I loved the first book, and this one was even better. But. If you haven’t read the 1st, I’d definitely start there for background info. Otherwise, I’ve had a couple 4 star reads but nothing fantastic. I hope your reading gets better!

    How did I not know you were in Ohio? I’m in Maine at present, and we got some snow (6″ when we were supposed to get over 18″), but the cold was killer. Prior to Maine, we lived in Erie, PA for three winters, hence my “oooh, Ohio!” Stay warm!


    1. Thanks Myndi! Erie isn’t too far from Columbus where I am. I imagine your winters are even colder in Maine than Penn right? I’ll check out those books you mentioned…I haven’t heard of that author so I’m excited to take a look. Thanks for the recommendations!


      1. We loved the Columbus Zoo! I do think we get more days below zero here in Maine, but we’re in Freeport, southern and coastal, so it isn’t as bad here.

        I believe the first in the series was her debut, and she knocked my socks off!


      2. My library has her first, The Vanishing Season, now I just need to find time to squeeze it in between all my new releases!


  6. I’ve also had a few disappointing reads and 2 that I pushed through, but should have dnf (why do I have a hard time)? I can’t even imagine such cold weather. It dropped to 30 last night and we were freezing lol, that’s Texas though and it rarely snows…sounds kind of cozy though. Hope we get a 5 star soon💕


  7. I’m sorry you’ve had such rotten luck lately. I hope that you continue to enjoy “The Nowhere Child”. I finished it a while back and enjoyed it.
    Crossing my fingers that you have some awesome reads this week! Great post! ❤


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