5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Welcome to 5 on Friday, a little list of things I’m enjoying lately.  I got this idea from Tim Ferris who sends out his 5 Bullet Friday posts to all his email subscribers and Laura Tremaine’s Secret Posts. If you’re interested you can check out Tim’s website at Tim.blog and Laura’s at 10thingstotellyou.com . I thought it would be fun to do a short and simple posts of things I’m enjoying lately. Every week you’ll find different content…could be books I’m reading, movies, tv, recipes, quotes, skincare, articles, household items etc….anything I’m enjoying to pass along in the hope that you might also find something you’d like.


Audiobook I’m Enjoying 
The Likeness  by Tana French; narrated by Heather O’Neill. I’ve actually tried this mystery at least twice in print in the past and couldn’t get into it but the audio is fantastic and has got me excited to do some extra house cleaning so I can listen. I think this narrator bringing the characters to life has made all the difference.

Super Easy Fish Recipe That Actually Turned Out Good
Simple Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut I’ve tried (and failed) to pan sear Halibut in the past but this recipe was super easy and it actually turned out really good. And the best part…I could marinate it in my favorite pinot grigio wine

Instagram Stories I Can’t Stop Watching 
Deb at Lonestarwords  If you’re a cat lover, you’ve got to check out Deb’s Instagram stories! She has 4 rescued kittens that are the cutest and wow, SO busy. I really enjoy watching them and also love her dogs and horse. If you love animals along with books, I think you’ll love Deb’s account

Book I’ve Added to My TBR…Will You or Won’t You be Adding It to YOURS?!
PopSugar Has the Scoop On new E.L. James book coming this April Called The Mister Yes Friends, I’m adding it to my TBR now. I’m the first to admit that the Fifty Shades Trilogy was by no means well written BUT I couldn’t put them down all the same. Oh yes, I’ll be reading The Mister .…will you??

Reality website I look forward to reading every week
RealitySteve.com You may or may not know that I love The Bachelor and every week Reality Steve recaps the show in his snarky way as well as puts out spoilers for every episode of the season. That includes the ending. He’s only been wrong a couple times over the years so how he does it…no one knows exactly but he gets the scoop. It doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the hot mess that is the show to read his site every week, in fact I think I enjoy it more with Steve’s commentary; he also live tweets during the show which is fun. He’s never at a loss for words that’s for sure.

Do you have thoughts on my favorites this week? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Have a great weekend!!




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11 thoughts on “5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

    1. That’s so true Susie, a good narrator brings the characters to life which in the case of The Likeness is exactly what I needed


  1. I’m still on the fence about The Mister. I’ll probably cave and try it, but I’ve gotten away from romance lately, and I’m worried about being disappointed.
    I need to try Tana French on audio, now! I have tried reading her books before and they were too slow. Maybe audio will work for me, too!


    1. I think I’ll definitely read it Brandie, my curiosity will get the better of me:) I’ve really liked The Trespasser and Broken Harbor by Tana French but had never tried her books on audio until now. Let me know if you give it a try, I’m really liking it!


  2. I love that even though you’ve tried that book twice before, you STILL gave it another go in a different format. I should give that a try sometimes because you’re right, sometimes a good narrator can make all the difference.


    1. I’ve liked several of Tana French’s books so I’ve had The Likeness on my radar for so long since I love undercover plots. I’m excited to find the audio is working for me!


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