Monday Reading Update

Hi Everyone! Sorry I was MIA last week but I was on vacation and had no time to get any posts ready before I left. We went to Cancun and it was so nice to feel warm again. I felt like I was in a little bit of a slump before I went but that officially ended with some solid plane reading followed by 2 more new release books during the week. That’s been my best reading week by far this year and I really think a lot of it was attributed to my staying off social media for the most part. The wifi was often spotty at the hotel so I didn’t spend the amount of time I usually do scrolling through Instagram and Twitter and guess what…I got a LOT more reading done. While I missed interacting with everyone, I really enjoyed my time of focusing on reading. I’m planning on taking those breaks more often. On to my latest reads….


Little Fires Everywhere  is one of my book club picks and also one I tried on audio when it came out but couldn’t get into. This time, I read the print version and after the initial (somewhat) slow set up of the first several chapters, I flew through this one. I thought the writing was excellent and the characters felt like real people who often fascinated yet irritated me at the same time. For me, that’s the mark of a great read when I feel like the characters are so realistic. I loved the suburban drama, the family dynamics, the issues of race and parenting…just SO much to dissect! I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads despite being really mad about certain parts of the ending. I wish I could say more but if you’ve read this and want to message me I’d love to hear if you felt the same way.

The Last Romantics  had me all over the place with my feelings! This family drama/saga centered on 4 siblings, 3 girls and their brother and it was narrated by only one of them which (surprisingly) completely worked for me. It starts off in my favorite time period, the 80s, and follows these siblings through so many years of ups and downs. The first half was page turning and I thought, yes, this is a 5 star read. Then came the middle and I felt like the pace slowed down and it became a little boring. I would’ve said around this time that it was almost a 4 star read but then came the last third which I completely loved. I didn’t expect to be left crying in my hotel room when I finished but I was. I’ll elaborate in a mini review this week!

Stalker  was like a breath of thriller fresh air! For me, this is the type of scandinavian thriller/mystery that blows the same old same old domestic suspense thrillers out of the water. This is the 5th book in the Joona Linna series and my second read. I started last month with book 4, The Sandman ,  (My Quick Thoughts) which I really enjoyed and I loved this one even more. This can be read as a standalone but I’m glad I had book 4 for reference because this one does continue on from where the Sandman left off. I knew I was in for a treat when the opening scene made me gasp out loud on the beach…it was scary! Set in Sweden, someone is stalking women by video taping them in their homes, sending the video to police at a later time but just moments before the woman is murdered and the police don’t have enough time to figure out who she is to stop it. I’m doing a mini review this week but seriously, if you like thrillers with an large mystery plot line this is for you.


I was really looking forward to Otherwise Engaged . I thought it would be a perfect light romance after Stalker but right away I wasn’t feeling the writing style. It seemed somewhat juvenile and sing songy if that makes sense and after about 20 pages I put it down. I doubt I’ll be inclined to pick it back up


I’ve seen many glowing reviews for this one. I’m a couple chapters in but so far I like it. The writing flows and there’s a strong sense of characterization already.



Both sound great so it’ll just depend on my mood!

Hope you have a great week and if you have time drop a line and share what reads you’ve been loving!  

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16 thoughts on “Monday Reading Update

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed your vacation and had some good reads!!! That’s awesome. I tried The Last Romantics on audio and wasn’t feeling it. Maybe I should try reading it. I’m bummed you didn’t like Otherwise Engaged. I had that one on my wishlist, but maybe I’ll hold off and get it from the library.


    1. Thanks Brandie! I really thought I’d like Otherwise Engaged too but there was something that irritated me about the writing style. I do think you might like The Last Romantics better in print, but it’s not fast paced so depending on your mood I’d give it a try when you’re in the mood for a slower family drama


  2. So nice to get a warm vacation in the middle of summer. Glad you enjoyed it so much!

    I’m happy to hear The Last Romantics ended up on the plus side for you. I never really felt like it slowed down, but that’s what keeps all this interesting. I’ve been curious about The Psychology of Time Travel, so will keep an eye out for your thoughts.

    Have a great week!


    1. It was the perfect time to get away from Ohio, by mid Feb I’m so over winter here! I especially loved the way the author wrapped up The Last Romantics but you know me, I love an epilogue:) Thanks Susie!


  3. I really enjoyed The Care and Feeding of Ravenously Hungry Girls, so I hope you do too! I downloaded The Last Romantics a few minutes after seeing how much you enjoyed it, so I hope to get to it soon…once I get through my April and May ARCS! I hope your reading stays great!

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful vacation…it’s so nice to get away to somewhere nice and sunny in the winter! Have a great week. 🙂


    1. Thanks Stephanie! I really hope you like The Last Romantics, I’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts. Hope you’re doing well and your week is good also:)


  4. Renee, I enjoyed seeing your vacation pics on IG and a mid-winter getaway sounds perfect!

    I’m on the library wait list for the Last Romantics and looking forward to it. Little Fires Everywhere was a 5 star read for me – I loved it and so did my book club. I think it makes a terrific discussion book. Care and Feeding is on my EW shelf and I need to get to it soon. I hope you love it, so many great reviews.

    I was sent a copy of The Psychology of Time Travel by the publisher but it was a DNF for me, I didn’t even add it to my GR list. I’ll be interested in your thoughts.

    I’ll be checking out The Stalker!


    1. Thanks Jan, it was a fun trip! I can’t wait to talk about Little Fires with my bookclub too, what a great read! I’m going to buy her first book as my library never has it available. I DNFed Care and Feeding which I thought I would like because as you said there’s so many good reviews but it wasn’t for me. I’ve seen mixed reviews on The Psychology of Time Travel so fingers crossed it works for me.


  5. I will start with Sandman!! I just have to read a few Arcs first! Oh and The care feeding raven whatever sounded great so I’ll wait for your opinion ^^


    1. I can’t wait for you to try The Sandman, I think it’s one you really enjoy. I couldn’t get into the Care and Feeding, may pick it back up another time


  6. We are reading twins regarding The Last Romantics and Otherwise Engaged! Although, Romantics never went back to being 5 stars for me after their childhood. I couldn’t re-engage as much after Joe’s section. But Otherwise Engaged?! What was that? juvenile is a great description- especially for her boyfriend’s novel. That writing was SO bad I couldn’t read it. I DNFed the book at 25%.

    I hope Care and Feeding continued to work for you. I thought it was really well done and will be reviewing it on Wed.


    1. WE’re definitely on the same page with those 2 books! I ended up putting Care and Feeding down after about 15%. It wasn’t pulling me in and I think I’ve been in the mood for faster paced books. I may pick it back up later


  7. Glad you loved The Last Romantics! I did as well. I can see what you mean about it slowing down–it’s not really that long, but it felt like a Big Novel to me.

    I really need to get my hands on The Care and Feeding… both of my libraries are failing me!


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