I’m Renee. A good book, iced coffee or a glass of wine and that spot above would be my perfect place to spend a day:)  A little about myself…Wife and mom to two teenage boys which never gets boring. I’ve been passionate about reading since I was very young .Back then I carried a book everywhere, today I carry my Kindle everywhere so my hundreds of books go where I go.

Reading is not my only obsession when it comes to books though, I also love talking about what I’ve read and loved, what I want to read, favorite authors and debut authors…all things books! I enjoy reading a wide variety of fiction; what I don’t typically read is fantasy, YA, erotica, cozy mysteries, or science fiction/paranormal.

I started this blog as a way of reviewing and recommending books all in one spot. Among my friends, I seem to have become the go to person for book recommendations for the past several years which led me to starting my own book club…5 1/2 years later and we’re still going strong with monthly books and wine!:). I thought it would be fun to put my reviews and recommendations in one place for all my friends to check out and at the same time interact with other book loving people out in the blogosphere.

When you visit my blog, you’ll find shorter book reviews with a focus on what I thought about and liked (or didn’t like)  about the book rather than lengthy book summaries. I also want to include quick book recommendations of books I read in the past that others may enjoy now.

Because I have the utmost respect for authors (who are rock stars!) and I want my blog to be a place people can visit for honest reviews and recommendations , I will only be posting reviews of books I actually finish. For this reason, most of my reviews will be 3 stars or better because I don’t tend to finish books I would give a lower rating to. **There are times, however, especially with book club books which I always finish no matter what, when I will get to the end and decide it’s a 1 or 2 star read and for those I’ll still post a respectful and honest review.**

My Rating System: 5 stars – LOVED IT…MUST READ…I stayed up late, neglected the family, didn’t       want to put it down, really made me FEEL something -good or bad. Run to nearest bookstore or Amazon for this one!

4 stars – VERY GOOD…I really enjoyed it, I may have small issue with developed characters, pacing, and/or plot, but overall would consider worth purchasing and would highly recommend

3 Stars –  AVERAGE – I liked many parts but had many issues as well. Overall, it didn’t wow me but others may find it enjoyable. Worth a trip to the library.

2 Stars – a BELOW AVERAGE read, overall I didn’t like it and wouldn’t recommend although parts of it may have been ok

1 Star –  Hated it – There’s nothing I liked and wouldn’t recommend

Please see my review policy or email me at itsbooktalk@gmail.com with questions